web based editor and repl for norns
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self contained web based editor for norns

maiden consists of two parts - a backend http server and a frontend single page web app.


development can either be done directly on the device or on a linux/macos machine by installing the toolchain.

known compatible versions:

tool version
go 1.10+
glide 0.13.1+

on macos (for development) this is easily done with brew:

brew install go
brew install glide

IMPORTANT – set your $GOPATH environment variable to specify a location for your Go workspace. see the go wiki for considerations and instructions for your OS.

finally, download the source using go get. if one is building/developing directly against the main git repository:

go get -d github.com/monome/maiden

if the repository has been forked on github first then one can download the fork:

go get -d github.com/<your_github_id>/maiden

the -d flag is passed to go get to ensure it simply downloads the code and does not attempt to immediately build it. in order to build maiden it is important to use glide to download specific versions of each dependency.


to build first use glide to pull in all the dependencies then run go build as normal. glide should be run from the top of the maiden source tree which should be in $GOPATH/src/github.com/monome/maiden or $GOPATH/src/github.com/<your_github_id>/maiden depending on whether or not the repository was first forked.

glide install
go build

if you forked the repository glide install will emit a warning (which is safe to ignore) that looks like this:

[WARN]	The name listed in the config file (github.com/monome/maiden) does not match the current location (.)

if developing on a linux or macos it is trivial to cross compile for arm

GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm go build -o maiden.arm

tip: install FUSE on your linux/macos machine and then mount the device filesystem using sshfs - the build results can then be written directly to the device.

...one also needs to build the ui as well.


./maiden -debug -app app/build/ -data <norns_repo>/lua