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Add breadcrumbs to your ExpressionEngine site in minutes. Super-simple, endlessly configurable.
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## An Important Note About Support

Crumbly (in common with all of my ExpressionEngine add-ons) is no longer officially supported.

Check out the wiki for [installation and usage instructions][wiki], and feel free to fork the repo if you'd like to make some changes or improvements (it's distributed under a liberal open source license).

Hopefully this will be everything you need to use this add-on in your projects, but if not please don't email me asking for support; I don't even have ExpressionEngine installed locally any more.

[wiki]: "View the documentation"

## Overview

Crumbly is the most powerful, most flexible ExpressionEngine breadcrumb manager on the market. Download it, install it, and you can have fully-functioning breadcrumbs on your website within 5 minutes.

It really is that easy.