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An HTTP server that echos the request/response headers, and allows you to control response details.
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Node.js Echo Server

This HTTP server echos the request and response details, and allows you to craft custom HTTP responses based on request parameters.

Getting Started

Requirements: Node (version 2.6 or greater)

To run the server:

node echo-server.js

By default echo server runs on port 8124. You can run on a different port with the --port options:

node echo-server.js --port 12345


Trigger an HTTP 200 response: http://localhost:8124/200

Trigger an HTTP 404 response: http://localhost:8124/404

Trigger an HTTP 404 response with a custom message: http://localhost:8124/404?reasonPhrase=Oh%20No%21

Trigger an HTTP 200 response with a custom header: http://localhost:8124/200?headers.CustomHeader=foo

There are a lot more options and things you can do, including sending parameters as a serialized JSON object, sending an array of responses, and using conditionals to choose the appropriate response. I'll write up more soon, in the meantime, check the source.


Testing client/server communications can be a pain. You either need to embed logging in your code, or fire up WireShark to view the requests/responses. And if you are debugging a server, the start server -> make request -> check logs -> stop server -> edit code cycle can be a real pain. This server helps with these situations by echoing your request/response headers, and also giving you fine-grained control over the response.

One example where this can be useful is testing a CORS preflight request (which is an HTTP OPTION request followed by another HTTP request). Testing this on a regular server would be a pain, but echo-server's "json" parameter gives you fine-grain, almost script-like control over responses or a series of responses.

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