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Simple prebuilt applications.
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Django Basic Apps

Simple apps for Django projects.

To install any of the apps listed simply create a folder on your PYTHONPATH named 'basic' and place the apps you wish to use in that folder. Then added basic.<app_name> to your project's file. (replace <app_name> with the apps you wish to use, naturally).

Below are a list of per app dependancies:



Inlines is a template filter that can be used in conjunction with inline markup to insert content objects into other pieces of content. An example would be inserting a photo into a blog post body.

An example of the markup is:
<inline type="" id="1" />

The type attribute is app_name.model_name and the id is the object id. Pretty simple.

In your template you would say:

{% load inlines %}

{{ post.body|render_inlines }}

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