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MDL-24577: Fix mark all posts in this discussion read doesn't work co…

…mpletely correct
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commit 165e476948e66ff345b33a0c0000edfc9dc12494 1 parent 991ee33
@tlevi tlevi authored samhemelryk committed
Showing with 2 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +2 −1  mod/forum/lib.php
3  mod/forum/lib.php
@@ -6226,8 +6226,9 @@ function forum_tp_mark_posts_read($user, $postids) {
if ($new) {
list($usql, $new_params) = $DB->get_in_or_equal($new);
- $params = array($user->id, $now, $now, $user->id, $cutoffdate);
+ $params = array($user->id, $now, $now, $user->id);
$params = array_merge($params, $new_params);
+ $params[] = $cutoffdate;
$sql = "INSERT INTO {forum_read} (userid, postid, discussionid, forumid, firstread, lastread)
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