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1 parent 04441ec commit 1f18fd5e8ff242f7a26ffa2b5a5da7bd191f4c64 ikawhero committed
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8 lang/en_utf8/admin.php
@@ -400,10 +400,16 @@
$string['profileconfirmcategorydeletion'] = 'There is/are $a field/s in this category which will be moved into the category above (or below if in the top category).<br />Do you still wish to delete this category?';
$string['profileconfirmfielddeletion'] = 'There is/are $a user record/s for this field which will be deleted.<br />Do you still wish to delete this field?';
$string['profilecreatecategory'] = 'Create a new profile category';
-$string['profilecreatefield'] = 'Create a new profile field';
+$string['profilecreatefield'] = 'Create a new profile field: ';
+$string['profilecreatenewcategory'] = 'Creating a new category';
+$string['profilecreatenewfield'] = 'Creating a new profile field';
$string['profiledefaultcategory'] = 'Other fields';
$string['profiledefaultdata'] = 'Default value';
+$string['profiledeletefield'] = 'Deleting a field';
+$string['profiledeletecategory'] = 'Deleting a category';
$string['profiledescription'] = 'Description of the field';
+$string['profileeditcategory'] = 'Editing category: $a';
+$string['profileeditfield'] = 'Editing profile field: $a';
$string['profilefields'] = 'User profile fields';
$string['profilefieldsize'] = 'Display size';
$string['profilefieldmaxlength'] = 'Maximum length';

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