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It is now possible to have also questions in all subcategories listed…

… on edit.php. Because there can be a large number of questions the list of questions is now paged.

The random questions have another option specifying whether they can choose their questions also from subcategories or not. This option is stored in the unused questiontext field.
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1 parent 868b127 commit 85ceebe2d3d2e2048368a847518ee04207fc7f86 gustav_delius committed Jan 5, 2005
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1 lang/en/quiz.php
@@ -219,6 +219,7 @@
$string['readytosend'] = 'You are about to send your whole quiz to be graded. Are you sure you want to continue?';
$string['reattemptquiz'] = 'Re-attempt quiz';
$string['recentlyaddedquestion'] = 'Recently added question!';
+$string['recurse'] = ' Include sub-categories ';
$string['regrade'] = 'Regrade all attempts';
$string['regradecomplete'] = 'All attempts have been regraded';
$string['regradecount'] = '$a->changed out of $a->attempt grades were changed';

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