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MDL-17693: get_role_users - add lastaccess & mnethostid to the list o…

…f default fields to return. These are used by messaging/emailing.
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commit c165e7462ed9121d5b315cb297055c1e2ec0afee 1 parent fd5244d
mjollnir_ authored
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  lib/accesslib.php
2  lib/accesslib.php
@@ -4992,7 +4992,7 @@ function get_role_users($roleid, $context, $parent=false, $fields='', $sort='u.l
$fields = ', u.confirmed, u.username, u.firstname, u.lastname, '.
'u.maildisplay, u.mailformat, u.maildigest,,, '.
', u.picture, u.idnumber, u.department, u.institution, '.
- 'u.emailstop, u.lang, u.timezone, as rolename';
+ 'u.emailstop, u.lang, u.timezone, u.lastaccess, u.mnethostid, as rolename';
// whether this assignment is hidden
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