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-<P>As Moodle gains in maturity, I hope its directions are strongly influenced
- by the community of developers and users.</P>
-<P>All unfinished features, proposed improvements and feature requests will be
- gathered on this page.</P>
- <LI>Format of existing code should be checked and cleaned up (tabs etc). Define
- a style guide.</LI>
- <LI>Improvements throughout for dealing with very large classes (summary views,
- pagination, search etc).</LI>
- <LI>All table inserts should be converted to use the insert_record function.</LI>
- <LI>Full internationalisation of texts using modular "language packs". eg <A HREF="">STPhp</A></LI>
- <LI>Implement pop-up help windows all over the site (from tiny help icons)</LI>
- <LI>Users can specify their timezone so all times displayed are in local time
- format.</LI>
- <LI>Each course has a private &quot;teacher forum&quot; where teachers keep
- notes on the course for action research purposes. Messages can be posted here
- from any module in the course, and they contain links back to their relevant
- modules.</LI>
- <LI>Assessment system: each module can be marked per student. All assessments
- can be combined on one page.</LI>
- <LI>More course formats.</LI>
- <LI>Better WYSIWYG editing of texts (using Java or Flash).</LI>
- <LI>Make this page more interactive. :-)</LI>
-<P><B>Assignment module</B></P>
- <LI>Module to allow submission and assessment of assignments (to be written).</LI>
-<P><B>Chat module</B></P>
- <LI>Re-implement chat room using Flash, and use user pictures.</LI>
-<P><B>Choice module</B></P>
- <LI>Add capability for more than two choices.</LI>
- <LI>Add teacher option of publishing results (ie a poll).</LI>
-<P><B>Discussion module</B></P>
- <LI>Discussion forums need to have abbreviated topic display and pagination
- for when they get very big.</LI>
- <LI>Allow files to be attached to discussion posts (images etc).</LI>
-<P><B>Journal module</B></P>
- <LI>Journal summary index should show teacher remarks.</LI>
-<P><B>Survey module</B></P>
- <LI>Allow teachers to create and share surveys.</LI>
-<P ALIGN="CENTER">Send your additions, suggestions to <A HREF="">Martin
- Dougiamas</A>.</P>
+<P>I'm committed to continuing my work on Moodle and on keeping it Open and Free.
+ I have a deeply-held belief in the importance of unrestricted
+ education, and Moodle is the main way I can contribute to these ideals.
+<P>As Moodle gains in maturity, I hope its directions are influenced
+ by the community of developers and users. A dynamic database of proposed
+ features and their status can be found at <A TARGET=_top HREF=""></A>.
+ Your contributions in the form of ideas, code, feedback and promotion are all very welcome.
<P ALIGN="CENTER">&nbsp;</P>
<P ALIGN="CENTER"><FONT SIZE="1"><A HREF="index.html" TARGET="_top">Moodle Documentation</A></FONT></P>
<P ALIGN="CENTER"><FONT SIZE="1">Version: $Id$</FONT></P>

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