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Admin self-edit fix and quiz no-grade fix

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1 parent 081bf74 commit d7bdc087728330360a2a63c5cc45b1c303b71f83 moodler committed Sep 10, 2003
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<li>Added percentages to downloaded data from 'simplestat' report</li>
<li>Allow external deep linking using guest account ?username=guest</li>
<li>Any admin can now add/remove course creators</li>
+ <li>Primary admin can now update own username/password even with external authentication</li>
+ <li>Quizzes can now be specified as having "no grade" and no grades will be shown</li>
<li>Fixed bug in weekly journal date calculations</li>
<li>Fixed bug in config.php that made error_reporting not work</li>
<li>Fixed bug when editing user name with quotes in it</li>

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