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Fixed a single/double quote issue (again)

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1 parent 2b4287d commit e097165541dfe270c6c6e71ac30e5c6207e360a5 kaipe committed
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 mod/quiz/lib.php
2 mod/quiz/lib.php
@@ -501,7 +501,7 @@ function quiz_print_question($number, $question, $grade, $quizid,
echo '<table width="100%" cellspacing="10">';
echo '<tr><td nowrap="nowrap" width="100" valign="top">';
- echo '<p align="center"><b>$number</b></p>';
+ echo '<p align="center"><b>' . $number . '</b></p>';
if ($showgrades) {
if ($feedback or $response) {
echo "<p align=\"center\"><font size=\"1\">$strmarks: $actualgrade/$grade</font></p>";

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