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MDL-21250 capital letters removal

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commit e5a0920419dd25e830ca60e2284f0cb73596414b 1 parent dcc5fd5
@wildgirl wildgirl authored
4 lang/en/calendar.php
@@ -63,11 +63,11 @@
$string['eventrepeat'] = 'Repeats';
$string['eventsall'] = 'All events';
$string['eventsfor'] = '{$a} events';
-$string['eventskey'] = 'Events Key';
+$string['eventskey'] = 'Events key';
$string['eventsrelatedtocourses'] = 'Events related to courses';
$string['eventstarttime'] = 'Start time';
$string['eventtime'] = 'Time';
-$string['eventview'] = 'Event Details';
+$string['eventview'] = 'Event details';
$string['expired'] = 'Expired';
$string['explain_site_timeformat'] = 'You can choose to see times in either 12 or 24 hour format for the whole site. If you choose "default", then the format will be automatically chosen according to the language you use in the site. This setting can be overridden by user preferences.';
$string['export'] = 'Export';
4 lang/en/completion.php
@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@
$string['criteriarequiredall']='All criteria below are required';
$string['criteriarequiredany']='Any criteria below are required';
-$string['editcoursecompletionsettings']='Edit Course Completion Settings';
+$string['editcoursecompletionsettings']='Edit course completion settings';
$string['enrolmentduration']='Days left';
$string['err_nocourses']='Course completion is not enabled for any other courses, so none can be displayed. You can enable course completion in the course settings.';
$string['err_nograde']='A course pass grade has not been set for this course. To enable this criteria type you must create a pass grade for this course.';
@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@
$string['recognitionofpriorlearning']='Recognition of prior learning';
$string['remainingenroledfortime']='Remaining enrolled for a specified period of time';
$string['remainingenroleduntildate']='Remaining enrolled until a specified date';
-$string['requiredcriteria']='Required Criteria';
+$string['requiredcriteria']='Required criteria';
$string['seedetails']='See details';
$string['selfcompletion']='Self completion';
2  lang/en/debug.php
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
$string['nomodules'] = 'No modules found!!';
$string['nopageclass'] = 'Imported {$a} but found no page classes';
$string['noreports'] = 'No reports accessible';
-$string['notables'] = 'No Tables!';
+$string['notables'] = 'No tables!';
$string['phpvaroff'] = 'The PHP server variable \'{$a->name}\' should be Off - {$a->link}';
$string['phpvaron'] = 'The PHP server variable \'{$a->name}\' is not turned On - {$a->link}';
$string['sessionmissing'] = '{$a} object missing from session';
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