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MDL-40069 Document editing form changes

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1 parent f0d37f4 commit e68651675989ec02a4372dd505fc6404e254d652 Colin Chambers committed with timhunt Jun 7, 2013
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@@ -9,7 +9,26 @@ This files describes API changes for question type plugins.
$this->process_submission(array('-finish' => 1));
you should change that to
+For MDL-37417 Question editing form improvements several improvements were made. Including:
+* MDL -32750 Introduced collapsible editor. Editors now collapsed by default in editor options.
+ Helper method get_non_collabsible_editor_options()
+* To use screen real estate better related elements were grouped using form grouping where
+ possible. Particularly answers/choices.
+* Changed access hide style for elements in group so their labels are visible and related
+ static elements could be removed.
+* Add blanks for more repeated elements were made part of the relevant section by adding
+ true as the final parameter of the call to repeat_elements();
+* More repeated elements should only be added when requested
+* Style is used to visually group field elements. Including choices/answer and multiple tries/hints
+* The new collapsible sections has changed the ids of the headers by adding ‘id_’. This caused
+ javascript errors. Adjusted references to in javascript and css.
+* setType() is now required for repeated form elements.
+* The plugin version was changed. These changes are not backward compatible. They require moodle 2.5
+A reference example of these changes is
=== 2.3.5 / 2.4.2 / 2.5 ===

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