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Stuff run by Moodle CI integration servers.
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MDLSITE-3874 ci: make source per branch to use node_modules subdir

For some reason, soft linked installation of node stuff does not
work well unless the source directory is called node_modules. Sure
there are some realpath bit somewhere (grunt?) depending of that.

Ultimately it was causing grunt to fail, not being able to execute
the uglify-js task. With this trick, everything seems to work ok.
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@stronk7 stronk7 authored
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check_upgrade_savepoints MDLSITE-3912 checkstyle: safe-xml messages
coding_standards_detector MDLSITE-3221 use local_codechecker if available
compare_databases NOBUG: Verify previous executions to decide.
configure_site More switching from admin to local
copy_paste_detector Move all the ci stuff to local
define_excluded NOBUG: Add new fixtures directory.
detect_conflicts NOBUG: Better detect merge remainders
diff_extract_changes Switched from admin/ci to local/ci
generate_component_ant_files Delete some not used pasted lines
generate_phpdocs Move all the ci stuff to local
grunt_process MDLSITE-3874 ci: make source per branch to use node_modules subdir
illegal_whitespace MDLSITE-2100 ci: never reset to origin, can contain newer commits
initial_jenkins_moodle_setup HQ-326 Only allow localhost connections for moodle/jenkins users.
jenkins_cli NOBUG: Upgrade jira-cli to 1.546
lang/en NOBUG: Bump version and add missing string
less_checker MDLSITE-2915 Add support for builtin recess compiler
list_changed_files MDLSITE-2635: list the changed files between 2 commits
list_valid_components NOBUG: Avoid a notice caused by undefined $CFG->libdir
myram MDLSITE-2913 First cut. WIP.
php_lint MDLSITE-3651 - fix php warning
prepare_composer_stuff MDLSITE-2885 Add information along the progress
project_mess_detector Move all the ci stuff to local
project_size_report NOBUG: Moving to native phploc
rebase_security MDLSITE-2317 clarify comment
remote_branch_checker MDLSITE-4044 prechecker: create local branches when valid and needed
run_phpunittests MDLSITE-3200: Accept extra config.php to be injected.
run_simpletests MDLSITE-2100 ci: never reset to origin, can contain newer commits
shifter_walk NOBUG: Delete all shifted files before running shifter
thirdparty_check MDLSITE-3252 check for third party library modifications
tracker_automations MDLSITE-4023 bulk prechecker: Look for controlled errors.
validate_phpdocs Move all the ci stuff to local
verify_commit_messages MDLSITE-3912 checkstyle: safe-xml messages
versions_check_set MDL-45486 Handle different versions separately
.gitignore HQ-325 ci: Moving to own repository. Minor bits.
.htaccess Move all the ci stuff to local HQ-326 Reference to the issue in the README as a possible guide
index.html Move all the ci stuff to local
version.php Reset core_component caches before asking for components

CI local plugin

This local_ci plugin contains all the scripts needed by Moodle CI servers to automate checks while integration happens.


  • Some checks require a MySQL, master-based site to be up and running.
  • Some checks require the installation of 3rd part tools (phpunit...).
  • Some checks require the presence of both local_codechecker and local_moodlecheck local plugins.
  • Visit HQ-326 for a step by step record about the installation of It can be useful to know what to install and the real php/pear dependencies.


  • Complete the documentation.
  • Document each check properly.


  • 20121112 - Eloy - Initial version of this
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