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Mooltipass Organization

Welcome to the Mooltipass Ecosystem GitHub Page!

You'll find here the repositories for all the elements that make up the Mooltipass ecosystem

Mooltipass Current Status and Future Goals

At the time of writing (05/05/2023), the Mooltipass team is currently working on fixing bugs reported through the different repository issues tabs. Two important tasks are investigating possible 002 issues and integrating a contributor-made iOS app into our ecosystem.
Contributors are strongly welcome to improve our ecosystem. The Mooltipass only exists because so many people from around the globe joined together to create three different devices over the last 9 years.

New Mooltipass Device

At the time of writing (05/05/2023), making a new Mooltipass device isn't a priority as the team prefers concentrating its development efforts on adding features to the Mini BLE. However, some effort is currently being spent on exploring new secure elements.

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  1. moolticute moolticute Public

    Mooltipass crossplatform daemon/tools

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  2. minible minible Public

    Github repository containing the firmwares running on the Mooltipass Mini BLE

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  3. extension extension Public

    GitHub Repository Dedicated to our Cross Browser Extension

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