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Simple logging framework for go.


by Manoj Dayaram, Zhigang Chen

Other than a palindrom, golog is a simple logging framework for Go that makes use of Go's concurrency features such as channels and go routines. In essence, all log messages are sent to a single global channel, and a single go routine listens on this channel and writes everything it receives.

This guarantees that all log writes a serialized without the need of excessive locking.

Getting Started

Getting started is pretty easy. Simply create a new logger and add processors that you are interested to log to.

    import "golog"


    console := golog.NewConsoleProcessor(golog.LOG_INFO, verboseBoolean) // only log messages more important than or equal to info.
    logger := golog.NewLogger("some prefix here:  ")


    logger.Info("Hey, listen...")
    logger.Warning("Logging some crazy stuff here!")

Future Work

  • Better formatting support (right now one has to implement a new LogProcessor)
  • Rolling file loggers.
  • Unique channel + go routine per resource (such as different files, stdout, syslog, etc...). This will allow writes to any single resource to be serialized, but writes to different resources to be parallelized.
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