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Lemon mode

A major mode for editing LEMON Parser Generator grammar files.

What’s this?

Lemon is a simple but very powerful parser generator for C/C++. This major mode will help you for editing Lemon’s grammar files in the Emacs editor.

Two major mode lemon-c-mode and lemon-c++-mode, which lemon-mode.el provides, allow you to explicitly specify the base editing mode that affects syntax highlighting and indentation mechanism.


Place lemon-mode.el in a directory in your emacs’s load-path.

(require 'lemon-mode)

Then invoke lemon-mode (which is identical to lemon-c-mode) in the buffer where lemon grammar file is extracted.

Optionally, you can bind lemon-mode to the files with certain extensions.

(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.y$" . lemon-mode))