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Mopinion Mobile web SDK iOS

The Mopinion Mobile SDK can be used to collect feedback from iOS apps based on events. To use Mopinion mobile web feedback forms in your app you can include the SDK as a Framework in your Xcode project.

There are also other Mopinion SDK's available:


The Mopinion Mobile SDK Framework can be installed by using the popular dependency manager Cocoapods.

Install Cocoapods

$ sudo gem install cocoapods

make a Podfile in root of your project:

platform :ios, '9.0'
target '<YOUR TARGET>' do
	pod 'MopinionSDKWeb', '>= 0.2.1'

Install the needed pods:

$ pod install

After this you should use the newly made .xcworkspace file in Xcode.

Implement the SDK

In your app code, for instance the AppDelegate.swift file, put:

import MopinionSDK
// debug mode
// live

The <MOPINION DEPLOYMENT KEY> should be replaced with your specific deployment key. This key can be found in your Mopinion account at the Feedback forms section under Deployments.

in a UIViewController, for example ViewController.swift, put:

import MopinionSDK
MopinionSDK.event(self, "_button")

where "_button" is the default passive form event. You can also make custom events and use them in the Mopinion deployment interface.
In the Mopinion system you can enable or disable the feedback form when a user of your app executes the event. The event could be a touch of a button, at the end of a transaction, proactive, etc.

Edit triggers

In the Mopinion system you can define events and triggers that will work with the SDK events you created in your app. Login to your Mopinion account and go to the form builder to use this functionality.

The custom defined events can be used in combination with rules:

  • trigger: passive or proactive. A passive form always shows when the event is triggered. A proactive form only shows once, you can set the refresh time after which the form should show again.
  • percentage (proactive trigger): % of users that should see the form
  • date: only show the form at at, after or before a specific date or date range
  • time: only show the form at at, after or before a specific time or time range
  • target: the OS the form should show (iOS or Android)