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moq v5

The most popular and friendly mocking framework for .NET

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This repository supports corebuild for configure/build/test from msbuild.

IMPORTANT: this repository is for the upcoming version of Moq. Issues and source for the current stable Moq v4.x are at

CI package feed: (CDN) or (blob).

Building the repository

msbuild /t:configure

The default target is Help, which will render the documentation for the build itself and what targets are available. Since this is a corebuild standard repository, you can run:

msbuild /t:configure
msbuild /t:build
msbuild /t:test

Testing built packages locally

Release builds will produce packages. In Debug builds, you will need to right-click and Pack the relevant project, such as Moq.Package (which will also pack its dependencies like Stunts.Package). These packages will be dropped in the out folder in the repository root directory. To test these packages you can just add a package source pointing to it. You can also just place a NuGet.Config like the following anywhere above the directory with the test solution(s):

		<add key="moq" value="[cloned repo dir]\out" />

Every time the packages are produced, the local nuget cache is cleared, so that a subsequent restore in VS will automatically cause the updated version to be unpacked again. If versions change between package builds, you can just reference them with a wildcard so the latest will automatically be chosen, such as:

  <PackageReference Include="Moq" Version="5.0.0-alpha.*"/>
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