Simple Screens 1.1.0

@jonesde jonesde released this Nov 24, 2016 · 53 commits to master since this release

Simple Screens 1.1.0 is a minor new feature and bug fix release. This release is based on Moqui Framework version 2.0.0, mantle-udm 1.1.0, and mantle-usl 1.1.0.

This release includes various updates for changes in Moqui Framework 2.0.0 as well as improvements based on new features in XML Screen and XML Form. On the technical level there are also data and user scale improvements like default parameters for screens that may do finds on large tables.

There are new and improved reusable transitions for parties, assets, facilities, products, etc.

The MyAccount app now has a Notifications screen and navbar indicator that uses the new Moqui WebSocket notification client along with the notification pop ups.