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Mort's Web Pages

I use Docker containers to avoid the need to install dependencies: Coffeescript, Jekyll, Python. OPAM and Mirage currently still need to be installed on the host however. As a simple hack to deal with access to my .bib files which are elsewhere on the host, I've hardlinked them under _papers but git ignore that directory. Pushing triggers a Travis build of my JavaScript papers renderer from CoffeeScript input.


Site build and test is done via Jekyll:

  • make site invokes the Jekyll container to build the site to _site
  • make test invokes the Jekyll container to run the site locally for testing
  • make drafts will do as make test but also display draft posts

The site is deployed as a Mirage unikernel at Building the unikernel version uses my dommage scripts and can be performed via:

  • make configure FLAGS=... to configure the unikernel and install dependencies
  • make build to build the unikernel

Finally, there are some helper targets to assist in managing the build containers:

  • make publish to commit the current build container state and publish; unless you have write access to my Docker Hub org, you will need to edit the Makefile to issue this
  • make destroy kills the current build container but leaves the dependency on the same image
  • make run to invokve the target unikernel from inside the build container

Deployment Setup

Use Travis to build the unikernel and push it back to a deployment repo:

gem install travis
opam install travis-senv
[[ run travis to stop it whining about installing cli completion or not ]]
ssh-keygen -b 4096 -f ~/.ssh/mor1-www-key
travis-senv encrypt ~/.ssh/mor1-www-key travis-ssh-envs
cat travis-ssh-envs | travis encrypt -ps --add

Then take the result and paste it into your _travis.yml per this site.


github pdf hosting

looks like mor1.github.{io,com} overlay each other with .io taking precedence?!