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Automated acceptance tests for native iOS apps
Objective-C Ruby C
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moredip Merge pull request #276 from joemasilotti/patch-1
Note official repo in project README
Latest commit ad42465 Jul 8, 2014
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Frank.xcodeproj Add NSStatusItems to the view hierarchy on Mac. Fixes #11 Nov 9, 2013
Frank.xcworkspace Add PublicAutomation project to Frank workspace Sep 22, 2012
cucumber Remove a couple of obsolete files Mar 4, 2011
doc Updating documentation. Add default init to FrankServer. Nov 8, 2010
example update PublicAutomation dependency to pull in auto-capitalization fix… May 10, 2013
gem Updating the pull request for iOS and UIAlertViews Dec 6, 2013
lib Update Shelley Nov 20, 2013
src Merge pull request #258 from HaikuJock/master Dec 1, 2013
symbiote @ bc38e54 Update symbiote submodule to fix retina devices and to screenshot all… Sep 22, 2013
tutorial Update tutorial to point to new static library approach Sep 29, 2011
.gitignore Adding .xccheckout files, which were introduced in Xcode 5, to .gitig… Nov 4, 2013
.travis.yml WIP on basic travis setup May 8, 2013
.yardopts WIP adding rdoc documentation Jul 3, 2012
LICENSE Apache 2.0! Apr 27, 2013 Note official repo Jun 13, 2014
Rakefile Attempting to fix Rakefile Nov 20, 2013

Official Repo Moved

The official repository for Frank has moved to TestingWithFrank/Frank.

Please submit all pull requests to the new location. The frank-cucumber gem will continue to work.

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