"Remake" is open-source solution used in animation production to maintain sources of animation footage. It consists of two components - template of animation project and a tool for rendering sources in a smart way.
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= Remake =


== Overview ==
"Remake" is open-source solution used in animation production to maintain sources of animation footage. In fact it consist of two parts - template of animation project and a tool for rendering sources in a smart way.

Typically animation project consist of several scenes and their content located in many files, which are dependent one to another. When some file in the project is changed you have to re-render it together with all files dependent from it. It is very common that finding those dependencies is a tricky task and in most cases the safest solution is to re-render everything, which is time-consuming. "Remake" takes care about tracking dependencies between changed files and automaticaly re-renders sources of your animation affected by the change. It is similar to build system used to compile software, such as "make" and others with the exception that you don't need to write any configuration files with a list of dependencies for each file.

When managing animation project with "Remake" you don't need to keep rendered footage with the project - it always can be easily re-rendered from the source files with a single command. That's especially important for teams collaborating on the project online. The bandwidth required for transfering project files is reduced dramatically, as there's no need to transfer rendered files together with sources. Every collaborating person renders sources himself, choosing preferred resolution he is comfortable to work with. In such cases "Remake" is most effective when used with some version control system (svn, git, etc.).

"Remake" is build around a particular toolchain. Currently it is supports "Synfig" (http://synfig.org/) or "Pencil" (https://github.com/morevnaproject/pencil) for 2D animation and "Blender" (http://www.blender.org/) for 3D animation. Complex compositions where 3D is mixed with 2D are supported as well. For footage sequence editing also used "Blender". "Remake" is modular system and can be extended to use with other software.

If you are about to start your own animation project with mentioned open-source tools (or already have one) it is good idea to try "Remake".

== Examples of usage ==
1.  Morevna Project
     Homepage: http://morevnaproject.org/
     Sources:  Not available yet
2.  The Adventures of Boris Munchausen
     Homepage: http://munchausenproject.wordpress.com/
     Sources:  http://github.com/morevnaproject/munchausen
3.  Amazing Sentence
     Homepage: http://morevnaproject.org/2011/06/19/amazing-sentence/
     Sources:  http://synfig.org/files/amazing-sentence.remake.zip
== Requirements ==
The requirements for "Remake" are:
 [+] GNU make - for changes tracking 
 [+] blender >= 2.48 (with FFMpeg support) - required by "mod_blend" for 3D animation and footage sequence editing
 [+] synfig >= 0.62.00 - required by "mod_sif" for 2D animation
 [-] pencil >= 0.5 (with unofficial patches from morevnaproject) - required by "mod_pcl" for 2D animation
 [-] ffmpeg - required for "snapshot" action
 [-] vorbis-tools - required by "mod_ogg" for ogg files support 
 [-] mpg123 - required by "mod_mp3" for mp3 files support 
 [-] sox - required by "mod_mp3" and "mod_ogg" 

 [+] - mandatory dependency
 [-] - optional dependency

== How to use it ==
Please consult http://wiki.github.com/morevnaproject/remake/.

== Copying ==
See the LICENSE file.

== Copyright ==
Copyright 2010-2013 Konstantin Dmitriev