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A tiny JSON parser and emitter for Perl 6 on Rakudo

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A simple Perl 6 module for serializing and deserializing JSON.

  use JSON::Tiny;
  say from-json('{ "a": 42 }').perl;
  say to-json { a => [1, 2, 'b'] };

All files (unless noted otherwise) can be used, modified and redistributed
under the terms of the Artistic License Version 2. Examples (in the
documentation, in tests or distributed as separate files) can be considered
public domain.

To build and test this module, please get 'ufo' from and run:

    make test

(You would normally be able to install this with panda, but it happens to be
one of the prerequisites for panda itself -- so until Rakudo does automatic
recompiles, panda will become very confused after completing the install.
New, tested versions of this module should be imported into panda's source
in ext/JSON__Tiny/, and panda's run. On the upside this means
that installing panda gives you JSON::Tiny right away.)



Missing features:

 * Detection of cycles in input data structures (might never be fixed)

    Moritz Lenz <>
    Johan Viklund
    Jonathan Worthington
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