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Chinese Character Decompositions

An easy to read list of decompositions of Chinese characters.


Character decompositions are built from: CJK Decomposition Data

Definitions and Mandarin Pronunciations: Unihan Database

An example entry look like:

載: 土 (tǔ) soil, earth; items made of earth / 戈 (gē) halberd, spear, lance; rad. 62 / 車 (chē) cart, vehicle; carry in cart

Thus, the file format is

Char: Component1 / Component2 / ...

whereas each component is given as

Char (MandarinPronunciation) Definition

The provided ipython notebook can be used to further customize the output. All input files for generating this list are included in the repository.


A list of "default" classifiers for each noun that requires one. The goal is to treat each classifier like an article, very common in European languages, and associate each noun with a classifier.

An example entry is

裤子	条	tiáo	clause, condition; string, stripe

The third columns is the Pinyin reading of the classifier and the last columns gives a short definition.

There are two lists:

More Information

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