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A shell script to automate setting up a super-fast, secure WordPress install with nginx, PHP 7, on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
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Super Fast, Secure WordPress Setup for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on DigitalOcean with NGINX, PHP7, and MariaDB

This is a shell script to automate setting up the WordPress server setup described in this blog post. To use it:

  1. Create a droplet at DigitalOcean--use the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS image on the smallest size droplet
  2. Set up your domain over at Mailgun
  3. Set up your DNS at DigitalOcean
  4. Log into your new droplet via SSH, i.e. ssh root@[your-droplet's-IP-address]
  5. Import this script
    curl -s -o server_setup
  6. Make it executable: chmod +x server_setup
  7. Run it: sudo ./server_setup
  8. Follow all of the instructions and be very careful filling out the prompts

NOTE: This ONLY works for new domain setups where your domain name is NOT pointed at another server somewhere. In the future, I'd like to update the script so that it can handle setting up a temporary site while you are migrating a site from another location to DigitalOcean.

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