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Simple 3D rendering engine entirely written in VB.NET
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Simple 3D rendering engine entirely written in VB.NET

Main features:

  • Objects are provided by defining their vertices and an included Delaunay algorithm performs the necessary triangulations to extract the objects' faces.
  • Multiple rendering modes.
  • Multiple objects per scene.
  • Fast GDI+ drawing.
  • Save scene to GIF.

Simple Solids

Known issues:

  • Transparency is not working.
  • There seems to be a bug in the triangulation algorithm which causes it to fail when tessellating the vertices of a sphere.
  • Although support to save animated GIFs is implemented, the GifBitmapEncoder does not seem to support saving animated GIFs.
  • Clockwise rotations in the Rubik's cube sample are not currently supported.

Rubik's cube sample:

Rubik's cube

When using the Rubik's cube sample, use the following keys to rotate each face:

  • [F] Rotate Front Face
  • [B] Rotate Back Face
  • [T] Rotate Top Face
  • [D] Rotate Bottom Face
  • [L] Rotate Left Face
  • [R] Rotate Right Face
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