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The Modular OpenRobots Simulation Engine
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MORSE: the Modular Open Robots Simulator Engine

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MORSE screenshot 1

MORSE (Modular OpenRobots Simulation Engine) is an academic robotic simulator, based on the Blender Game Engine and the Bullet Physics engine. It is a BSD-licensed project (cf LICENSE).

It is meant to be versatile (simulation of field robotics, indoor robotics, human robot interaction, multi-robots systems) and allow simulation at different levels (from raw cameras to high-level semantics).

The communication with the simulator is middleware independent. At the moment, MORSE supports the following middlewares:

  • ROS
  • Yarp
  • pocolibs
  • MOOS
  • and a generic socket interface (with an intuitive Python API)


Please read INSTALL or check the on-line installation instructions.


The MORSE documentation is available from the doc/ directory. It is available as well online, on the MORSE website.

You can also subscribe to

How to contribute

Even if the code-base is not stabilized yet, contribution to MORSE are more than welcome.

You can contribute new robot models, new sensors, we have a TODO list for the Blender game engine itself...

Feel free to subscribe to and ask!

Code is available on GitHub.

Feel free to fork, pull request or submit issues to improve the project!


(c) LAAS-CNRS/ONERA 2009-2010 LAAS-CNRS 2011-2015

MORSE is developped by a large community of academics, with contributions from more that 15 universities world-wide.

MORSE contributors

The initial development of MORSE has been partially funded by the Fondation RTRA within the ROSACE project framework, and by DGA through the ACTION project.

MORSE screenshot 2

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