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A Generic Informed Consent Service
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gICS Logo

Current Version: 2.8.5


The Consent Management solution gICS supports the management of digital and paper-based informed consent documents. It facilitates checking for various policies and modules of a consent in real time.



This Software was developed by the Institute for Community Medicine of the University Medicine Greifswald. It it licensed under AGPLv3 and initially provided by the DFG-funded MOSAIC-Project (grant number HO 1937/2-1).


To build gICS with maven use the goals "clean install".


Use the Docker-Image to easily try out gICS. just visit

Web-based Interface

All functionalities of the gICS are provided for external use via a SOAP-Interface.

gICSService Interface-Description (JavaDoc)

Use SOAP-UI to create sample requests. The WSDL URL is http://<YOUR IPADDRESS>:8080/gics/gicsService?wsdl (Please modify IP Address and Port accordingly).

More Information

Concept and implementation: l.geidel, web client: a.blumentritt, m.bialke

Selected functionalities of gICS were developed as part of the MAGIC Project (funded by the DFG HO 1937/5-1).

Please cite our publications:,,

For more info visit



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