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A command line application for managing OS X Finder sidebar favourites
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A simple CLI tool for Finder sidebar modification.

NOTE: I clobbered this together with very little experience in C/CoreFoundation, as a result the code may be horrible.

*NOTE: Using Versions 10.11 El Capitan or 10.12 Sierra, you can also use sfltool to achieve similar things. These options were removed in 10.13 High Sierra onwards *. Example:

$ sfltool add-item file:///Path/To/Sidebar/Folder


List sidebar favorites items:

mysides list

Append a new item to the end of a list:

mysides add example file:///Users/Shared/example

Insert a new item at the start of the list:

mysides insert example file:///Users/Shared/example

Remove the item (by name):

mysides remove example


portions (l) copyleft 2011 Adam Strzelecki without whom I would not know much about the LSSharedFileList API.

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