Adding Gist support to blogger dynamic view
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A simple way to embed gist into Blogger's dynamic view. By Moski Doski.


At the end of each of your blog posts, include the following code using the HTML editor:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Now to include any gist template just add the following anywhere in your blog post.

<div class="gistLoad" data-id="GistID" id="gist-GistID">Loading ....</div>

Replace "GistID" with your gist id.

Optionally, you can specify a file to be loaded if your gist contains multiple files using the data-file attribute, like this:

<div class="gistLoad" data-id="GistID" data-file="YourFileName.extension" id="gist-GistID">Loading ....</div><br />


<div class="gistLoad" data-id="4982341" data-file="gistfile2.cs" id="gist-4982341">Loading ....</div><br />


If you want to work with this script locally. You need to clone the repo using

git clone

To start up the server, just run


Now, to use the local version of the script, change the script embed code in your post to the local version

<script src="http://localhost:9292/gistLoader.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

You also need to change the main script path inside (gistLoader.js)

//var gistBloggerPath = "";
var gistBloggerPath = "http://localhost:9292/gistBlogger.js";

That's it, now blogger will start calling your script.