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Vesper Devanagari was began by Rob Keller in 2006, initially inspiring Vesper's Latin letterforms. The Devanagari character set was completed in 2014 through the collaboration with Kimya Gandhi. Vesper has a classical foundation, but with an entirely modern appearance, making reading comfortable, but never boring.

Vesper Libre is a special web version that has been optimized for online use. Tiny details have been simplified and the character set is reduced for the perfect balance of beautiful web typography with fast page loading.

August 2014: Update: The character set was reduced more to remove most existing linear conjuncts and some combinations of letters & marks that are produced using only components. These can all still be made in the exact same way thanks to anchors and kerning, so there's no loss of typographic quality, but the file size is more optimized for web usage.

March 2015: Major release: added some characters, deleted a few, adjusted anchors, made some new contextual alternates, and fixed a ton of opentype bugs. Small enhancements may be implemented in the future, but for now, this is the final release for Vesper Libre.


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