Quickly setup your Raspberry Pi - particularly WIFI settings.
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Quickly setup your Raspberry Pi - particularly WIFI settings.

There is a complete guide to setting up your raspberry pi without a keyboard and mouse that goes along with this repo.


Clone and setup the ansible script.

git clone https://github.com/motdotla/ansible-pi.git
cd ansible-pi
cp hosts.example hosts
cp wpa_supplicant.conf.example wpa_supplicant.conf

Edit the wpa_supplicant.conf and hosts files.

Deploy using ansible (install instructions for ansible are in requirements below).

ansible-playbook playbook.yml -i hosts --ask-pass --become -c paramiko


Ansible is required.

Installing Ansible on Mac

cd /tmp
git clone git://github.com/ansible/ansible.git
cd ./ansible
git checkout v1.4.3
sudo make install
sudo easy_install jinja2 
sudo easy_install pyyaml
sudo easy_install paramiko


This project was originally built when trying out my first Raspberry Pi. The setup process was not as easy as I wanted.