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Motius GmbH

Motius is a unique German R&D company. We solve technical problems and develop products for international customers.


  1. 🔒 Django rest recaptcha field for easy integration of google recaptcha with django-rest-framework.

    Python 20 7

  2. 📱 This project allows access to the telephony APIs of Cocoa and Android

    Java 9 5

  3. dockerfiles Public

    🐳 Dockerfiles from our daily work at Motius

    Shell 5

  4. 🍩 A container that packages an nginx server with bindings for running Lua scripts and the Lua DKJSON library.

    Shell 1 1

  5. 🐋 Dockerfile for compiling Kotlin/Native for Zephyr embedded targets

    Kotlin 4

  6. 🗼 This small project was developed using Vuforia with Unity. The objective is to reach the top of the tower as fast as possible.

    C# 5 2


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