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Jquery Firefly

JQuery Firefly is a simple to use JQuery plugin that adds basic firefly functionality. Simply load it, and add a couple lines of code, and you have a working firefly effect.


0.7 Improvements:

  • Mainly formatting updates
    • Added comments to mostly everything in the main file
    • Added documentation to all of the functions
  • Fixed #12

0.3 Improvements:

  • The plugin no longer uses images for sparks (should load faster and gives the freedom to change the color without modifying the image)
  • properties minPixel and maxPixel used to specify the min and max size of the fireflies
  • color property used to specify the color of the fireflies


Simply copy this into your file, make a div element with the id of content, and the firefly effect will appear on that div box.

    color: '#fff',
    minPixel: 1,
    maxPixel: 3,
    total : 65,
    on: '#content'


A basic example of v0.6 is here

Here are few sites using it. (Please let me know if you are using it, I will add a link here)

Radiance Wordpress theme

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