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🔑 TOTP - Google Authenticator Workflow for Alfred2 (Two-Factor authentication)
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Alfred Workflow: Google Authenticator

Build Status

An Alfred 2 workflow for Google Authenticator / a.k.a. Two-Factors Authentication / a.k.a. Time-Based Authentication Token / a.k.a. TOTP

An Alfred workflow equivalent of the mobile applications Google Authenticator and Authy.

I personally use it on Gmail, Amazon AWS, Github, Facebook, Evernote and Dropbox

A bigger list is available on Wikipedia


Create a ~/.gauth file with your secrets, ie:

[google -]

[evernote - robert]

Download and import to Alfred


  • Alfred 2 or 3 with PowerPack
  • Python >= 2.7

Non-exhaustive list of links for "secret" installation





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