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:: wmainfo-rb ::
Author: Darren Kirby
License: Ruby

 = Quick API docs =

 == Initializing ==

require 'wmainfo'
foo ="someSong.wma")
   ... or ...
foo ="someVideo.wmv", :encoding=>"UTF-16LE")
(default encoding is ASCII)
   ... or ...
foo ="someVideo.wmv", :debug=>1)

 == Public attributes ==

@drm          :: 'true' if DRM present else 'false'
@tags         :: dict of strings (id3 like data)
@info         :: dict of variable types (non-id3 like data)
@ext_info     :: dict of variable types (non-id3 like data) from ASF_Extended_Content_Description_Object
@headerObject :: dict of arrays (name, GUID, size and offset of ASF objects)
@stream       :: dict of variable types (stream properties data)

 == Public methods ==

print_objects   :: pretty-print header objects
hasdrm?         :: returns True if file has DRM
hastag?('str')  :: returns True if @tags['str'] exists
print_tags      :: pretty-print @tags dict
hasinfo?('str') :: returns True if @info['str'] exists
print_info      :: pretty-print @info dict
print_stream    :: pretty-print @stream dict

 == Thanks/Contributors ==

Ilmari Heikkinen sent in a fix for uninitialized '@ext_info'.
Guillaume Pierronnet sent in a patch which improves character encoding handling.