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The smallest and simplest priority queue in JavaScript.
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The smallest and simplest binary heap priority queue in JavaScript.

// create an empty priority queue
var queue = new TinyQueue();

// add some items

// remove the top item
var top = queue.pop(); // returns 5

// return the top item (without removal)
top = queue.peek(); // returns 7

// get queue length
queue.length; // returns 2

// create a priority queue from an existing array (modifies the array)
queue = new TinyQueue([7, 5, 10]);

// pass a custom item comparator as a second argument
queue = new TinyQueue([{value: 5}, {value: 7}], function (a, b) {
	return a.value - b.value;

// turn a queue into a sorted array
var array = [];
while (queue.length) array.push(queue.pop());

For a faster number-based queue, see flatqueue.


Install using NPM (npm install tinyqueue) or Yarn (yarn add tinyqueue), then:

// import as an ES module
import TinyQueue from 'tinyqueue';

// or require in Node / Browserify
const TinyQueue = require('tinyqueue');

Or use a browser build directly:

<script src=""></script>


Inspired by js-priority-queue by Adam Hooper.

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