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Nethack Encylopedia for Android
Licensed under the MIT License
Copyright (C) 2011 Mo Morsi <>

I. Learn
This is a small compedium of knowlege meant to complement
the Nethack Android application and assist explorers of the
Mazes of Menace.

II. Install
Just search for 'Nethack Encyclopedia' in the android
marketplace and install from there. Its free!

III. Build
- For general Android SDK install instructions:

- This usually involves installing the Android Studio,
  see the following for more info:

- Next clone the Nethack Encyclopedia project with git
  (you may have to install this beforehand)

    git clone git://

- Import the Nethack Encyclopedia into Android Studio & run

- To retrieve the encyclopedia content, simply pop open a terminal and run:
   $ ruby util/parser/parser.rb

IV. Contribute
There are many tasks in the TODO document left TBD. Some are big,
some are small. Feel free to implement and then email me a patch
at (preferibly generating it with 'git am' and sending
it via 'git send-email').

All patch contributes agree to license their changes under the MIT
license.  I will periodically push updates to the Nethack Encyclopedia app
on the Android Marketplace with these updates.

V. Contributors
Mo Morsi - -
Us3rn4m3 -