A bunch of utility classes for Java, Hadoop, HBase, Pig, etc.
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Version: 0.5

Mozilla's utility library for Hadoop, HBase, Pig, etc.

Version Compatability

This code is built with the following assumptions. You may get mixed results if you deviate from these versions.

  • Hadoop 0.20.2+
  • HBase 0.90+
  • Pig 0.9+
  • Hive 0.7 with automatic promotion of certain types
  • Jackson 2.x (for all things JSON)
    • We don't use anything fancy but fasterxml switch broke from 1.x packaging. You can probably fork and compile fairly easily if you want to use Jackson 1.x since that's what ships with Hadoop projects.


To make a jar you can do:

mvn package

To make a Hadoop MapReduce job jar with no defined main class in the manifest:

mvn assembly:assembly


All aspects of this software written in Java are distributed under Apache Software License 2.0.