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Ship It API & Frontend
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Ship It API and Frontend

See api and frontend READMEs for more details on each.

Local Development

Use docker-compose up to run them both. The API will be available at https://localhost:8015. The frontend will be available at https://localhost:8010

Deployed Environments

We have a number of deployed Ship It environments. All of the backends respond to pushes to different Docker tags in Each frontend has its own S3 bucket that is deployed to as part of CI on a particular branch. Below are further details about each:


Deploys in response to pushes to the production branch, if the CloudOps Stage deployment in successful (see below).

There is also a "CloudOps Stage" environment (which is different than the "Staging" environment below) that is deployment as part of the production pipeline. When a production deployment begins, Jenkins first deploys to this environment. If that deployment succeeds, the deployment proceeds. If it fails, the deployment is aborted. The URL for this backend is


Deploys in response to pushes to the staging branch.

Two important notes about staging:

  1. The backend URL is actually a CNAME for Despite the fact that the real FQDN says "dev", we refer to this environment as "staging".
  2. There is also a CloudOps environment known as "stage", at, which we do not use (more on that in the "CloudOps staging" section below).


Deploys in response to pushes to the testing branch.

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