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A node.js client for heka - DEPRECATED
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This project is no longer being maintained, and it is strongly recommended that you not use it. While the idea of a node.js client that speaks in Heka's "native" language is not without merit, there are many ways to get data into Heka (log files, statsd client, feeding directly into a UDP/TCP socket, etc.), and the Heka team doesn't have the resources to maintain a standalone Node client at our desired quality / performance level.

If you're interested in feeding data from custom node.js software into a Heka server and you need help figuring out the best way to do so, please ask for assistance on the Heka mailing list ( or on the #heka channel on and we'll be happy to assist.

Build Status

A javascript library for generating and sending metrics logging to a heka listener.

To run the test suite use:

$ npm test

You should see all tests pass with something that looks like this ::

> heka@0.2.0 test /Users/victorng/dev/heka-node
> jasmine-node tests


Finished in 0.713 seconds
42 tests, 247 assertions, 0 failures

You can find a working HTTP echo server in the example directory. Just run make, and it will install heka from npm and start a webserver that emits heka messages for you.

$ cd example 
$ npm install
... lots of output installing packages ...
$ node demo.js
myapp listening at

Go to http://localhost:8000/echo/foo to start sending heka messages over UDP to localhost:5565.

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