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Mozilla's new typeface, used in Firefox OS
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Fira 3.1.11

+ adding back Mono Source (accidentally removed it)
+ cleaning up the “source” directory naming
latest commit e939439249
Patryk Adamczyk patrykdesign authored
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eot Fira v.4.001
otf Fira v.4.001
source/ufo Fira 3.1.11
technical reports Fira v.4.001
ttf Fira v.4.001
woff Fira v.4.001
woff2 Fira v.4.001
LICENSE Updated LICENSE with proper copyright holders. Fira v.4.001
bower.json updated to remove duplicates
fira.css Update fira.css
index.html updated to 3.1
package.json Added package.json for npm

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