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Welcome to the Ascend Project Build Status

The Ascend Project is a 6 week, full time training program that provides financial support, equipment, meals, transit, and childcare reimbursement in order to remove many of the barriers to immersive learning in Open Source technology. The goal is to allow participants time and support as they focus on learning common open source practices: IRC, bug trackers, code review, version control, creating & committing patches, as well as the larger opportunities available to those who can leverage the tools and be developers of the open web.

This is a pilot project and as it is being developed this repo will hold all the material for:

The point is to have all of this in the open and available to anyone who wants to see it, contribute to it, test it, or fork it. This repo also acts as a sandbox for participants to learn git and build up experience working in a shared project while also providing valuable archiving of assets for the project.

Check out the homepage for more information.


Website, assets, curriculum, and any other public resources for the Ascend Project (



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