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configs Bug 1206368 - Add nexus-4-kk to b2g-bumper; r=mshal
docs Bug 1071178 - retire/repurpose servo infrastructure. r=bhearsum
examples bug 1001720 - mozharness examples. r=rail
external_tools Bug 1139066 part 2: Add support to download configs from git remotes.
mozfile bug 965519 - add mozprocess v0.15 to mozharness. r=jgriffin
mozharness bug 1174901 - Retry when failing make node_modules step should assume…
mozinfo bug 965519 - add mozprocess v0.15 to mozharness. r=jgriffin
mozprocess Bug 1160650 - Backport bug 950894 to mozharness' version of mozproces…
scripts bug 1193011 - more debug code, still not catching "lost" mappings
.gitignore Backed out changeset ce13a8b349ac (re-enabling mozharness 0.4)
.hgtags Added FIREFOX_31_1_0esr_RELEASE FIREFOX_31_1_0esr_BUILD1 tag(s) for c…
.travis.yml Bug 1151706 - Make travis IRC notifications easier to read. r=coop
LICENSE bug 650890 - port remote talos to mozharness. p=callek r=aki Bug 1076810 - RelEng CI tests should be available over the internet, …
requirements.txt Updated the requirements.txt with dependencies for push_apk
setup.cfg Bug 1076810 - fix mozharness nosetests failures by introducing a setu… Bug 984888 - bouncer submitter should run for every build attempt of …
tox.ini Bug 1125392 - Make Mozharness' tox to run tests against hg2.6 instead… bug 918055 - b2g branching script with revision locking. r=rail


This repository is a downstream read-only copy of:

Submitting changes

We do not support the github Pull Request workflow, since github is only a downstream mirror for us. However, feel free to fork from us and make changes. Then, rather than submitting a pull request, please create a patch for your changes (capture the output of your changes using e.g. git diff) and attach the patch file to a Bugzilla bug, created in the following component:

This bug will get triaged by us.


To run mozharness unit tests

pip install tox

To run tests in travis

Please note if you fork this repository and wish to run the tests in travis, you will need to enable your github fork in both travis and coveralls. In both cases you can log in with your github account, you do not need to set up a new one. To enable:

After enabling, you will need to push changes to your repo in order for a travis job to be triggered.

To match commits to upstream hg changesets

Add this following section to the .git/config file in your local clone:

[remote "mozilla"]
    url =
    fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/mozilla/*
    fetch = +refs/notes/*:refs/notes/*

then to match a git commit to an upstream hg changeset:

git fetch mozilla
git log

This will produce output like this:

commit c6dc279ab791d7cd11ccc57d2d83a61dc5e0dd09
Author: Simarpreet Singh <>
Date:   Mon Dec 22 14:46:56 2014 -0500

    Bug 1078619 - Allow to run talos jobs as a developer. r=armenzg

    Upstream source:

commit dce9aae0dadf3875afd44c8e61b70fd5ba91f91f
Author: Ankit Goyal <>
Date:   Mon Dec 22 10:18:16 2014 -0500

    Bug 1113081 - Remove references to metro mode from script. r=jmaher

    Upstream source:

commit 7bc17c00dafb144b9982dff2e19e8da91229c6c5
Author: Peter Moore <>
Date:   Fri Dec 19 20:35:55 2014 +0100

    Bug 1076810 - coveralls publish failures should not cause travis job result to be failure,r=rail

    Upstream source:

This allows you to map a git commit SHA to an hg changeset SHA ("Upstream source").

Happy contributing! =)

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