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…D2_RUNTIME for changeset ba21a55db92b
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breakpad bug 794122 - update minidump_stackwalk in build/tools to SVN r1047. r…
buildbot-helpers Bug 1149311 - Fennec 38.0b1 is failing release-sanity on MOZ_ANDROID_…
buildfarm Bug 1133833 - Android 4.3 emulator tests r=jlund
cdmaker Bug 539750 - Firefox 3 CD, updated the README for cdmaker, p=lsblakk …
clobberer Bug 1131790 - Give the clobberer client the ability to do bulk clobbe…
graphserver_webapp PEP8! r=bhearsum
lib Fix broken test
misc/certs bug 919725: publish updates to balrog prod - add mozilla root ca cert…
release Automated configuration bump: update configs for Thunderbird 38.0b3 b…
scripts bug 1053814: update product details when shipping releases - fix some…
stage Bug 1129622 - Kill preproduction. r=nthomas
sut_tools Bug 1066823 - remove old code that supports tegras in buildbot-config…
trychooser Bug 1158197 - add talos g2 to trychooser. r=Callek
.hgignore Bug 936615 - Pandas should start buildbot when mozpool thinks the dev…
.pylintrc Bug 593281: Add pylintrc config. r=catlee
.travis.yml Fix typo, tell travis about the new tox name Bug 643063: add supporting files for slavealloc deployment; r=bear Bug 1076810 - RelEng CI tests should be available over the internet, … bug 1053814: update product details when shipping releases. r=rail
tox.ini Upgrade tested hg ver, r=hwine on PR #9


This repository contains tools used by Mozilla Release Engineering. This repository is checked out on Buildbot masters and Buildbot slaves.

This repository is a downstream read-only copy of:

To submit a patch, please create a bug on under Product: Release Engineering, Component: Tools.

To run tests:

pip install tox

Please also see:

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