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chief is an app to deploy code with commander
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Chief is a simple web interface to assist in the deployment of web applications.


  1. git clone git://; cd chief
  2. cp
  3. Fill in settings. The "script" will be run in 3 stages:
    1. /usr/bin/commander $script pre_update
    2. /usr/bin/commander $script update
    3. /usr/bin/commander $script deploy
  4. Hook up to mod_wsgi, gunicorn, etc.


Making an RPM

  1. Install fpm
  2. Use fpm like the following example: sudo fpm -s dir -t rpm -n "chief" -v 0.1.2 --url "" --provides chief -a all --description "Chief is a simple web interface to assist in the deployment of web applications." --maintainer "" -d gunicorn -d python26-redis -d Flask -d python-werkzeug -d python-wtforms -d Jinja2 --prefix "/var/www/chief" --exclude ".git*" /path/to/chief/

Change Log

  • v0.1.4 - fixes bug with history page and unicode characters in redis
  • v0.1.3 - adds support for history pagination, support for arbitrary task runners, and some notification support. Thanks @oremj, @cturra, and @willkg
  • v0.1.2.1 - fix for /chief/ not including a line break, fixes #5
  • v0.1.2 - adds proper index page for /chief/, fixes #3
  • v0.1.1 - adds a logs directory, fixes #2
  • v0.1 - tagged to make an rpm for deployments, by @solarce, fixes #1
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