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An optimized version of the classify client endpoint in Normandy
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Classify Client


This is an optimized version of the classify client endpoint in Normandy.

Dev instructions

This is a normal Cargo project, so after cloning the repository, you can build and run it with

$ cargo build
$ cargo run

This project should run on the latest stable version of Rust. Unstable features are not allowed.

GeoIP Database

A GeoIP database will be downloaded automatically during the build.

Note: It relies on curl and tar commands. See for insights about how to obtain the file manually in case the .mmdb file does not show up in the current folder.


Via environment variables:

  • DEBUG: Set to "true" to enable extra debugging options, such as a /debug endpoint that shows internal server state (default: "false").
  • GEOIP_DB_PATH: path to GeoIP database (default: "./GeoLite2-Country.mmdb")
  • HOST: host to bind to (default: "localhost")
  • HUMAN_LOGS: set to "true" to use human readable logging (default: MozLog as JSON)
  • METRICS_TARGET: The host and port to send statsd metrics to. May be a hostname like "" or an IP like "". Port is required. (default: "localhost:8125")
  • PORT: port number to bind to (default: "8000")
  • SENTRY_DSN: report errors to a Sentry instance (default: "")
  • TRUSTED_PROXY_LIST: A comma-separated list of CIDR ranges that trusted proxies will be in. Supports both IPv4 and IPv6.
  • VERSION_FILE: path to version.json file (default: "./version.json")


Tests can be run with Cargo as well

$ cargo test


Linting is handled via Therapist. After installing it, enable the git hooks using either therapist install or therapist install --fix. The --fix variant will automatically format your code upon commit. The variant without --fix will simply show an error and ask you to reformat the code using other means before committing. Therapist runs in CI.

The checks Therapist runs are:

  • Rustfmt
  • Clippy, using the clippy::all preset
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