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Add on for initial DoH rollout
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DoH Rollout

This is a WebExtension + Experimental API to gradually roll out DNS-over-HTTP to Firefox users.

How to install WebExtension

  1. Install web-ext npm install -g web-ext
  2. Install the dependencies npm install
  3. Build the addon npm run build

How to run WebExtension

  1. web-ext run --verbose -f Nightly


  1. Run a non-release build (Nightly or Aurora) version 61+.
  2. Set extensions.legacy.enabled to true in about:config
  3. Navigate to about:debugging, choose "Load Temporary Add-on" and select a file from this project:
    • Select manifest.json
    • Select src/web-ext-artifacts/dns_over_https-${VERSION}.zip

You should see a new entry in the list of extensions titled "DoH Rollout".

To see the banner create a new boolean pref doh-rollout.enabled in about:config and set to true.

This will run heuristics against your network settings to determine if DoH can safely be enabled. If it can, it will trigger a doorhanger notification announcing that is has been enabled.

To check if DoH is turned on, check the value of pref network.trr.mode. If it is enabled, it will be set to 2.

Telemetry will be sent each time heuristics are evaluated.



See the guidelines for contributing to this project – including on how best to report an issue with this project.

This project is governed by a Code Of Conduct.

To disclose potential a security vulnerability please see our security documentation.


This module is licensed under the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0.

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