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bin Bug 1235417: Switch to git for storing translations. Feb 17, 2016
fjord Update urls in README Apr 29, 2016
requirements EVEN MORE HASH FIXES Apr 28, 2016
vendor Update urls in README Apr 30, 2016
wsgi [bug 1137022] Rework startup; add Mar 24, 2015
.editorconfig Fix indentation of user_agent_data.json file Aug 10, 2015
.gitignore Minor cleanup for .gitignore Nov 12, 2015
.gitmodules Fix strings extraction Nov 12, 2015
.pre-commit-config.yaml Fix the exceptions thrown when running pre-commit hooks Aug 25, 2015
.travis.yml Remove ES 0.90.10 tests from travis May 21, 2015
CONTRIBUTORS Add Gregg Lind and Deshraj Yadav to CONTRIBUTORS Dec 18, 2014
LICENSE Update LICENSE May 3, 2013 Initial playdoh project at fbad81395a251e3659b141d0249afd06f5cfde3f Jul 26, 2012
README.rst Update urls in README Apr 30, 2016
contribute.json Update urls in README Apr 30, 2016
package.json [bug 1142093] Fix lockdown issues Jul 29, 2015
py.test Update dev requirements to the latest versions Oct 27, 2015


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