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bin Fix static file generation
docs [bug 1096053] Rewrite docs regarding testing api use
fjord [bug 1198766] Add stunningly unhelpful error handler
requirements [bug 1032951] Upgrade lxml to 3.4.4
scripts Remove puppet scripts; add scripts/ directory
smoketests Update requirements for smoketests
vagrant Minor updates to
vendor [bug 1195899] Upgrade django to 1.7.10
wsgi [bug 1137022] Rework startup; add
.editorconfig Fix indentation of user_agent_data.json file
.gitignore [bug 1026503] First pass at vagrantification
.gitmodules [bug 1142093] Replace jingo-minify with django-pipeline
.jshintignore Add jshint to pre-commit hook
.pre-commit-config.yaml Fix the exceptions thrown when running pre-commit hooks
.travis.yml Remove ES 0.90.10 tests from travis
CONTRIBUTORS Add Gregg Lind and Deshraj Yadav to CONTRIBUTORS
LICENSE Update LICENSE Initial playdoh project at fbad81395a251e3659b141d0249afd06f5cfde3f
Vagrantfile Use the official Ubuntu vagrant box from Atlas
contribute.json Move contribute.json to root of repo.
lockdown.json [bug 1142093] Fix lockdown issues [bug 1144159] Rework celeryd code and fix mysql error
package.json [bug 1142093] Fix lockdown issues Upgrade to peep 2.4
py.test [bug 1093857] Switch to py.test
pytest.ini [bug 1093857] Switch to py.test Tweak info


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